10 Funny Kids YouTube Videos That Went Viral

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What do you get when a little girl tells her version of the movie Star Wars or a little boy stating he simply likes turtles? You get fans, lots of them. Try millions. Some parents were lucky enough to catch their kids just being…well kids. Here are 10 kids on YouTube that became an overnight hit with millions of YouTube views:

1. David at the Dentist
Views: 106,276,016 and counting
Starring a 7 year old boy named David; Dad had a video rolling after a dentist visit that required medication for a tooth removal. David is obviously having a reaction to the medication and making it pretty difficult for viewers not to giggle at his revelations. .

2. Kittens Inspired by Kittens
Views: 15,267,493 and counting
A little girl narrates her way through a kitten picture book. Many laughs and memorable one liners!

3. Baby Laughing at Paper Ripping
Views: 20,018,251 and counting
Micah is an 8 month old baby who finds ripping up paper the most hysterical thing in the world. Not only is the babies laugh adorably funny but the fact that the paper is actually Dad’s job rejection letter is worth sending this video to your friends.

4. Star Wars According to a 3 Year old
Views: 20,018,251 and counting
This little girl gives her play by play call on Star Wars while drinking from her sippy cut. She is very matter of fact and says things like ‘light up swords’ and ‘big thing that blowed it up’. This movie review is two thumbs up.

5. Jimmy Kimmel-I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Candy
Views: 28,054,343 and counting
Night show host Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to tell their children that they had eaten their child’s Halloween candy and them film their reactions. This is a montage of several funny responses, the big hit are the brothers are the end telling their mother she is ‘very sneaky’.

6. Zombie kid likes Turtles
Views: 34,816,722 and counting
A news clip with millions of hits! A child with zombie face paint is being interviewed about the festival he is attending, and his response was a one liner that has become known worldwide. You can even buy t-shirts, coffee mugs and mouse pads with his turtle phrase.

7. Talking Twin Babies
Views: 63,663,887 and counting
Twin baby boys are standing in a kitchen carrying on a conversation full of giggles and gibberish. This fascinating clip is cute and has inspired their mom to keep a blog that has hundreds of followers.

8. Charlie Bit My Finger
Views: 414,807,340 and counting
These two English brothers are the stars of one of the most famous YouTube videos of all time. Big brother Harry reacts to his little brother Charlie biting his finger. Not only is Harry’s accent adorable but Charlie’s smitten smirk and giggle are icing on the cake

9. Super Bass By Sophia Grace Brownlee
Views: 29,964,24 and counting
Eight year old Sophia Grace not only raps the hit ‘Super Bass’ by Nicki Minaj but nails the chorus while wearing her ballerina princess costume. What is even more precious is her matching sidekick cousin there as a backup dancer.

10. Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy
Views: 68,263,156 and counting
A young chubby boy sings a cute song about cupcakes and then does an eyebrow dance at the end. Someone get this kid another cupcake.

So now grab that video camera and catch your kids next funny moment. You never know when your kid may be the next YouTube star.

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