10 iPhone Apps Designed to Alter Your Mood

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Your moods depend on a wide variety of factors, many of which are effectively out of your control. However, you can alter your mood by using alternative processes that relieve stress, increase your knowledge or simply help you organize your life. While many mood altering practices are expensive, the iPhone has the perfect solution to accommodate your needs. These 10 mood altering apps are the perfect combination to brighten up your day.

  • Get Stuff Done – If you find that you tend to forget things a lot, Get Stuff Done will help clear your mind. This organizer app allows you to create as many categories as you want so that you can plan your activities and take away the stress of daily life. The app is calendar based, and you can pick it up from the iTunes store for $1.99.
  • Relax Melodies – With over 50 ambient sounds built-in, Relax Melodies is a real mood changer. You can use the app in the background, and even mix melodies to create sounds that suit your mood. There are also useful links to expert blogs, with tips on health and emotional wellbeing. For a free app, you couldn’t ask for much more.
  • SkyView Free – Explore the Universe – Take a stroll outside and gaze to the heavens with SkyView Free – Explore the Universe. By taking pictures of your favorite points in the sky, you can instantly discover a wealth of related information. This is another free app that delivers, and will give you a better understanding of the Universe as a whole.
  • Guided Meditation & Deep Relaxation – Based on the Silva Centering Meditation Exercise, this meditation app guides you through a session of mood altering oneness. Many people find it hard to get into meditation, but the tenets of Silva Centering Meditation Exercise, developed by the late Jose Silva, is the culmination of over five decades of meditation research. You can also pick up this guided meditation app for free.
  • Chakra Yoga and Meditation – There are over 100 poses, breathing exercises and instructions available on this free app. You can follow the recommended exercises or even create your own. Chakra Yoga and Meditation is completely customizable, so you can change the number of repetitions, timing and volume. To top it off, you have access to books, tests and much more, directly from the app.
  • 3D Interactive Tai Chi Chuan – Tai Chi is a common sight in parks these days, but sometimes the weather just does not permit. For the ultimate indoor Tai Chi experience, 3D Interactive Tai Chi Chuan is a must have app. You can watch single or multiple forms, speed forms up or regroup them to suit your needs. The app is visually pleasing, but the free price tag is the biggest selling point.
  • Deep Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis – An app that is specifically designed to help anyone who suffers from sleep deprivation, Deep Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis will have you counting sheep in no time. The app also has features to help reduce both stress and snoring, which will come in useful for couples who are dealing with both. If you’re having nightmares about the possible cost of such an app, you can sleep soundly. This one is free.
  • Moodagent – If you ever struggle to find music that matches your mood, maybe it’s time you got organized. Moodagent provides you with a number of mood sliders, so that you can create instant playlists that compliment your state of mind. The app also intelligently matches new music, based on your mood indicators. For only $0.99, you won’t regret purchasing this great app.
  • Pocket Yoga – You can learn Yoga quickly with over 150 poses that are available on this app, which include instructions on correct posture and position. This is the ultimate pocket guide to Yoga, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner. All practices were created by expert teachers, and you can track your progress with a built-in daily log. So forget paying for expensive Yoga classes, and download this app for just $2.99 instead.
  • Dream Moods – For those of you who have ever been unsettled by a dream, your iPhone is on hand to ease your mind. Dream Moods is an extensive dictionary of dreaming, which includes over 5,700 symbols. Do you suspect you are suffering from repetitive dreams? This free app keeps a log of all your searches, so that you can reference previous dream symbols anytime that you want.
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