10 iPhone Apps That Make Organizing Photos Easier

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The built-in camera on your iPhone is powerful enough to replace a small handheld digital camera, granting you the ability to take high-quality snapshots at a moment’s notice. Having this power at your fingertips usually results in a flood of photographs, which can be difficult to navigate and put in some semblance of order after a while. For the organization buffs among iPhone owners, here are 10 offerings that can be found in the App Store that will make the task of straightening those photos a snap.

  1. PhotoBook: Photos Organizer – For $0.99, PhotoBook will allow you to organize your photos either by the date they were taken or in a system of user-created albums. Intuitive and easy to navigate, this app is a great offering for photo organization on a relatively small budget. Because PhotoBook only organizes the existing snapshots in “Photos,” it won’t take up more storage space or present the risk of data loss in the event of an app bug.
  2. PhotoFolders – When you have photographs stored on your iPhone that you’d rather keep private from accidental viewing, this $1.99 app is a great choice. You can password protect separate albums to lock or hide them, sharing only the pictures you want.
  3. TravelPad: Travel Photo Album – Traveling presents a surfeit of photo-snapping opportunities, which can leave your Photos folder filled to the brim with scattered snapshots. This $1.99 app finds the location where photographs were taken and allows you to create a mapped route of pictures to retrace at your leisure. You also can share your journey with others by using the built-in slideshow feature.
  4. Stash – Keeping your photographs and other media downloads private is easy and secure with the $3.99 Stash app, which includes the ability to transfer your files to Dropbox, your computer or other mobile devices. The app also allows you to create an unlimited number of separate accounts with password or PIN protection, including hack attempt actions.
  5. Pics – Called “the essential photo management app for iOS” by AppAdvice.com, this $1.99 app allows you to view your photos in all of their full-resolution glory, never sacrificing quality for the sake of compression. You can also edit individual albums, moving and deleting as you see fit to best suit your organizational methods.
  6. Photo-Sort – Manage your albums by folder and sub-folder, maintain the original image quality, and share your photos easily within the $1.00 Photo-Sort app, which allows for Twitter and Facebook sharing as well as email. Exporting and importing is also simple and intuitive, making for an easy-to-use and functional app.
  7. Photo Org – Share images on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and even MySpace, or keep them securely password protected for only $2.99 with Photo Org, which also has a built-in photo editing option that includes several different effects, cropping and retouching. Create your own organizational system and maintain it easily, including video diary entries and YouTube support.
  8. Sort Shots – Find specific photos by rating, category, type, favorites or date with this $2.99 app that also allows you to search images with custom terms. Share your photos to social networking sites and through email, or create a slideshow set to music from your library!
  9. PhotoTag – Tagging your pictures with this $1.99 makes searching for specific items based on those tags the work of a moment. You can even snap your photos from within the app for instant tagging, eliminating the need to run the app after taking a picture, searching and then tagging.
  10. Photo Manager Pro – Transfer via FTP or HTTP, as well as Peer-to-Peer or USB. Create, move and delete custom folders for sorting, then reorder by dragging and dropping. You can even customize the colors of folders and the background style with this $2.99 feature-packed app.

In addition to these great organizational apps, there are a wide variety of high-quality photo editing applications available in the App Store that will allow you to turn out artist-quality pictures right from your handheld device. Snapping, editing and organizing photographs that capture all the memorable moments of your life has never been so easy!

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