10 iPhone Apps to Help Manage Your Wardrobe

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There’s something about the thrill of snapping up a great bargain or finally getting your hands on a high-end piece that makes your inner fashionista sing. That excitement can be so addictive that, before you know it, your closet is overflowing and you’re not even sure of everything you own. There are tons of physical storage and organization solutions that make it easier to store lots of clothing, but they aren’t always optimized for viewing, forcing you to pull everything out in order to see what you have to put together an outfit. You may be surprised to find, however, that the same powerful mobile device that manages your personal life and boosts your professional productivity can also digitize your closet, making it easy to browse your wardrobe from anywhere!

  1. I Wear… – If you’ve ever wanted to share outfit ideas with your friends to get several opinions before a big event, would rather choose your ensemble for the day while still savoring those last few moments in bed or are going to attempt to match an existing item in your closet to one you’re thinking of buying, this free app may be a dream come true. Unlimited wardrobes and an increased number of showrooms are available as in-app purchases, which let your app expand along with your wardrobe!
  2. Ease My Wardrobe – Snap a photo of an item, add brand, color and style information, then sort it into one of several categories in order to completely digitize your closet with minimal effort. Ease My Wardrobe can help you keep track of what you already own, including clothing, shoes and accessories. Free in the app store, Ease My Wardrobe also allows you to save your favorite outfits for future reference.
  3. My Fashion Closet – Organize your clothing by storing images of every item you own with this free app, which will allow you to sort through and collect various pieces in order to plan the ultimate outfit. Not sure if your ensemble is right? Share it with friends for a second opinion with the share function!
  4. Wardrobe Assistant – The free version of Wardrobe Assistant is limited to one wardrobe, four wardrobe sections, two categories and six looks. With an in-app upgrade, however, you can manage a staggering number of pieces with ease. You’ll never leave your bedroom in a state of upheaval after mixing and matching several outfits again; with Wardrobe Assistant, you can just scroll through until you build the perfect look!
  5. Cloth – Snap pictures of your favorite looks with the free version of Cloth, or customize your outfit to current weather conditions by springing for the Cloth Weather in-app upgrade purchase. Chronicle a series of looks on your Tumblr, Twitter feed or Facebook timeline for feedback and collect badges or points for saving and sharing your outfits.
  6. Netrobe – Not only will this free app help you manage your closet by allowing you to photograph all of your clothing for virtual outfit planning; it also removes the pesky background of your wall or bedding so that you’re able to access distraction-free versions of everything you own.
  7. Stylebook – One of the pricier apps on the list at $3.99, Stylebook is also one of the most beloved in the realm of closet organization and digitized wardrobes. In addition to storing and managing your existing items, Stylebook lets you track inspirations for future purchases! Called “a must for Cher Horowitz types” by Vogue Australia and “the ultimate wardrobe manager” by InStyle, Stylebook is one of the best virtual closet applications in the app store.
  8. My Wardrobe – Take pictures of your clothes to digitize your wardrobe and keep track of when you wore an item last to prevent those embarrassing repeats to special functions. This $0.99 app also pushes a culling angle, helping you determine which items can be donated or sold to make room for new additions!
  9. Pocket Closet – Clothing items and accessories are easy to track and manage with this $0.99 app, which allows you to load your wardrobe piece-by-piece through photographs and add tags. Track when you wore each item on the built-in calendar and even plan for future events. Can’t decide what to wear? Simply give your iPhone a shake and Pocket Closet will suggest an outfit on the spot!
  10. 123DressMe – Whether you’re just trying to organize a chaotic closet or plan to use your digital wardrobe to help pack for a trip, this free app may be for you. Simple and easy to use without a lot of extraneous bells and whistles, 123DressMe is a perfect no-frills choice for techie fashionistas.

These apps can save you tons of time and help you maintain order in an overflowing closet, but they aren’t always appropriate. If you’re driving, sifting through the various items in your digital closet is both reckless and dangerous. Save your brainstorming for the perfect ensemble until you’re safely on solid ground and aren’t operating a fast-moving vehicle. Just think of all the new clothes you can buy with the money you save by avoiding traffic citations, insurance hikes and potential litigation from causing a serious accident by using your iPhone to look through your virtual closet, rather than keeping your eyes on the road.

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