10 Little White Lies Nannies May Tell Parents

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Though major lies are grounds for termination, there are a few little white lies that nannies may tell simply to maintain a pleasant working relationship with their employers. Here are ten of the most commonly fibbed-about things in the realm of nanny-dom.

  1. “Everything Was Fine”- When asked about her day, your nanny is almost guaranteed to tell you that “everything was fine,” because she knows that you don’t actually want to hear anything else. Unless there were major catastrophes or a situation that requires your immediate attention, most veteran nannies won’t even hint at difficulties.
  2. “Bedtime Went Smoothly” – Think back to the last time that you put your brood to bed. How easy was that particular task to accomplish? Chances are, if your kids give you grief about bedtime, they do it to the nanny, too. She just knows that it’s par for the professional course, and doesn’t dwell on it.
  3. “I’m Not Too Tired” – Anytime your nanny tells you that she isn’t too tired, she’s probably not being completely honest. Good nannies are almost always hovering at a manageable level of exhaustion, even on their best days.
  4. “I Don’t Mind” – The job market is very competitive for nannies in a struggling economy, leaving most in the uncomfortable position of dealing with responsibilities that they wouldn’t ordinarily be willing to handle. When your nanny tells you that she doesn’t mind performing tasks that are usually outside of her job description, she’s probably fibbing in order to prevent the loss of her post.
  5. “I Can Do That” – Part of being a professional nanny is tackling unfamiliar territory on a daily basis. Though she may have little to no practical experience in a particularly specialized area, a good nanny will figure it out as she goes without ever indicating that she’s struggling.
  6. “I’m a Great Cook” – While there are certainly a number of nannies out there who are also gourmet cooks, it’s not usually part of her job description. As a result, the skill set may be out of your nanny’s grasp, and she might have to fake her way through elaborate meals.
  7. “The Kids Behaved Like Little Angels”- Unless your children actually are perfect little angels most of the time, a nanny who tells you that they behaved that way is probably taking a few liberties with the truth. Most kids are rambunctious by nature; your nanny knows this and accepts it as part of her job.
  8. “We Kept Screen Time to a Minimum” – Even the most dedicated nannies are almost certain to turn on the television at some point during the day in order to collect herself and recharge. If you have extremely strict rules about how much screen time your kids are allowed to have, she may not be completely honest about her need for some downtime.
  9. “I Don’t Have Other Prospects” – Great nannies field offers from other parents constantly. If she has no intention of pursuing any of those offers, she’s not likely to tell you about them in order to keep you from worrying.
  10. “I Feel Great!” – A nanny that spends her night off out on the town may be a bit bleary-eyed the next morning, but she knows that sharing that information with you will only make you question her judgment and ability to perform. Because veteran nannies know exactly how to handle early mornings after late nights, she’ll almost always choose to keep the details of her evening to herself.

Discovering that dinner is occasionally burnt or your children were more spirited than she lets on are things that you should let pass without comment. Finding out, however, that your nanny has been downright dishonest about important issues such as a criminal background or falsifying her references is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

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