10 Reasons Kate Middleton Wants Her Mom to Be Nanny

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As the saying goes, “mother knows best.” If that truly is the case, then no one would be a better nanny than your mother. Kate Middleton, who is due with her first child mid-summer, is considering asking her mother to be the nanny of her child. Traditionally, the royal family hires a professional nanny, but Kate wants her mother close by. Here are some possible reasons why.

  1. Rough Pregnancy – So far, the first part of Kate’s pregnancy has been a bit on the rough side. She ended up staying in the hospital for several days with hyperemesis, also known as acute morning sickness. With this difficult start to the pregnancy, having her mother around after the birth would be a way to enjoy the last part of the pregnancy and the beginning of her son or daughter’s life. Having a shaky start can be unnerving, but having your mother around can be soothing.
  2. Trust – Trust is something that is difficult to establish with strangers. Even after an extensive screening process, it is impossible to tell if the person you hire will take care of your child the way you want them to. So, skip the middle man and hire your mother, who knows you better than almost anyone else. If you can’t trust your own mother, who can you trust?
  3. Hands On – Kate and William have said they would like to be more hands on with their child, and having a part-time nanny who is related to them would make it that much easier to spend more time with the baby. That way, no matter what, the baby would be spending time with family. Also, they could all go out and enjoy family time together. There wouldn’t be the transition of going from the nanny’s care to the care of mom and dad.
  4. Comforting – Your mother is the person you go to when you have questions or doubts about anything. Having your mom around to take care of your baby helps with your transition from being a pregnant woman to becoming a mother yourself. You know how she raised you, and if there are any changes you’d like made, you can approach that topic with ease. Otherwise, just relax and enjoy the comfort of your mom being there for you and your child.
  5. The Only Grandmother – Kate’s mother will be the child’s only grandmother since William’s mother died in 1997. Having family nearby is important to many people and no one can replace a grandmother in a child’s life. Having the baby’s grandmother around will keep the family close knit.
  6. Mom Raised Her – What better proof of the ability of a nanny to take care of a child than the fact that she’s already raised two children of her own? Kate’s mother raised her and her sister Pippa, and from the looks of it, she did a pretty good job of it. She would have no trouble helping Kate raise her own child.
  7. Non-Traditional Versus Traditional – While it’s traditional for the royal family to hire a royal nanny, it is not necessarily a tradition the rest of the world follows. So, Kate and William are breaking away from the royal tradition, but not completely. Even though Kate’s mom is not a professional or a royal nanny, it would still be someone to help raise the baby.
  8. William’s Nanny Passed Away – Another motivating factor behind the royal couple’s consideration of Mama Middleton as nanny could possibly be that William’s own beloved childhood nanny recently passed away. With one trusted figure out of the picture, it’s only natural that they should turn to another in their time of nanny need.
  9. Return to Work – After the pregnancy, Kate has said she would like to return to her volunteer work and helping with various charity organizations. With her mother acting as nanny, it would be easier for Kate to take the time she needs for herself to work with her organizations without relying on a stranger to take care of her child.
  10. Support Group – Family is one of the strongest support groups available to any new mother. With the complications of the pregnancy, the unknowns of hiring a stranger and the constant questions of how to be a mother in the public eye, having family there who knows what she is talking about is a good way to create a relaxing and comforting environment.

Having your mom around can make life easier in many ways. If having a close knit family is important to you, having your mom be nanny is a great way to keep family around at all times while also knowing that your child is in safe hands. Following Kate’s example of bucking tradition and holding tight to the things that matter to you as a parent can help you feel more confident.


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