10 Styles That Are Out for This School Year

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It’s time for Back to School 2013, so it’s in with the new and out with the old. Last year’s styles are giving way to cool new looks that you and your child are sure to love. But don’t go and throw away last year’s fashions just yet – there may be a way to dress up your old duds to fit in with the new trends.

Sophistication replaces the whimsical this year. While you can still incorporate your child’s fun and busy clothing from the previous season into her current wardrobe, you’ll find that upgrading these styles with button up tops or some revamped jeans will bring them up to speed. As you leaf through the catalogs and browse the malls, you’ll discover some refinement creeping into the places where nothing but brightly colored amusement reigned before. Look closely and you will find bow ties, blouses, blazers and plaid replacing some of last season’s hot items. Read on to see what else is out (and in) for this coming school year.

  • Traditional “Blue” Jeans – This fall, be on the lookout for bright neon jeans to replace last year’s blues. But before you toss your kids’ blue denim into the donation bin, dress it up with a neon belt and bright socks for a fresh look.
  • Skinny Jeans Just Got Skinnier – Last year’s skinny jeans apparently weren’t twiggy enough. This back to school season, parents will see “super skinny jeans” take their place.
  • Bold Stripes – Jeans aren’t the only things getting skinnier. 2012 saw a lot of tops with thick, colorful stripes. This year, however, the stripes have shrunken and become thinner and a bit more understated. You’ll also find other designs like colorful tribal artwork on shirts this year.
  • Charm Jewelry –  In jewelry last season, shelves were stocked with lot of bracelets and necklaces baring charms. However, this autumn you’ll find that chunky bracelets are all the rage, while necklaces are now being worn in multi-colored layers.
  • Camouflage – Camo has been hot for a few years now, really peaking during last year’s back to school sales. It seems to finally be fading out now, as there are less of the military greens and tans to be seen in the stores.
  • Basic Ballet Flats – Ballet flats are still in, but their plain shades are out. This year you’ll find ballet flats in neon shades and animal prints more stylish than the plain flats of years past.
  • Tailored Tops –  Smooth and orderly is out this year, while puffy sleeved blouses and ruffles are all the rage. These flowy tops can be paired with skirts or jeans for different looks.
  • Standard Boys’ Fare– This year, graphic tees are still in for boys, but those are no longer enough in the pizazz department. These tees are being paired with plaid button ups for a layered look.
  • Garish Cardigans – As with boys, busy tees are in, but for the outer layer you’ll now find plain and neutral blazers as the topper. In fact, blazers are rushing back into the stores with a vengeance, and last year’s cardigans are losing their place.
  • Synthetic Fabrics –  Healthier is trendier. Sustainable materials like bamboo and organic cotton are in vogue this year, while synthetic materials that are bad for the environment are on their way out of the malls.

The 21st century has been all about individuality, and it has given rise to a variety of styles. Therefore, regardless of your child’s personal taste, she can still fit in with the current trends. Anything that still fits from last year can continue to work and be paired with new items for a fresher look. Knowing you have to stock up on back to school clothes can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to buy everything at once. Start out with a few new items and a good pair of shoes. This will give your child time to take stock of what the other kids are wearing, along with what she likes and does not like. When you do hit the stores, be sure to make yourself a list of what is needed. Take inventory of what your child already has and what still fits. Browse catalogs and fashion sites to get ideas on how you might update her current clothing and revamp it. Once you know what you want, seek out sales. It takes some time, but searching for the exact item you are looking for online will allow you to find the very best price. Now that you know what’s out and what’s in and you have a plan on how to get it, have fun. Give your child a wonderful shopping day and then send her back to school in style.

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