10 Times it is Understandable for Kids to be Whiny

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Would you like some cheese with that whine?  I don’t understand, “whine”.  These are some of the comments that I know I’ve made to my kids when they come to me being all whiny.  As you can tell I’m not a big fan of whining.  I would hazard a guess that most parents could do without it as well, but are there times when it’s okay for kids to be whiny?  Of if not okay, at least you can understand why they are being that way?  Check out 10 times it is understandable for kids to be whiny.

  1. When they’re sick: If your child is sick they aren’t themselves and everything seems like an effort.  You can hardly blame them for being whiny.  They feel terrible and nothing you’re doing seems to make them feel better.  Heck my husband gets whiny when he’s sick and he’s supposed to be a grown up.
  2. If they get seriously hurt: When you child gets hurt they are going to be crying and upset and these emotions can easily morph into whining.  It’s no fun being hurt at any age, but especially not when you are a child because they don’t know what is going on and how or if their injury can be fixed.
  3. After a nightmare: Often children get whiny when they are tired so it’s pretty understandable that when a child wakes up from having a bad dream that they will be whiny.  They want it to all go away and you need to fix things.  If you are not fixing things to their liking they may become whiny out of frustration and just plain exhaustion.
  4. If they are up late because of you: Did you keep your child out late because you had a ‘thing’ you needed to do?  Children are creatures of habit and going to bed on time every night, no matter what, is key to keeping them well rested.  If they get out of their routine they may have trouble getting to sleep or handling normal tasks without whining about it.  Since you are the cause of their sleepiness then you are also responsible for the whining.  Have faith, this too shall pass.
  5. After a long day of sightseeing: When you go to Europe or another distant land and you have so much that you want to see and do it’s hard to remember that you have a child with you.  They seem like they have limitless energy, but they don’t.  They need naps and they need plenty of sleep.  If you are travelling they are not in their own bed and are probably off their sleeping schedule.  So not only are they not getting a good night’s sleep, but they are physically tired from walking around all day looking at things that they probably don’t care about.
  6. On a long flight: When traveling by plane it’s hard for little people to stay entertained when they can’t run around and burn off their energy.  They are stuck in their seat for hours.  The frustration of being bored and the nervousness about being on a plane can come together and bring out a very whiny child.
  7. Following a big disappointment: Children expect life to be fair.  As adults we know that life is not fair nor will it ever be fair.  Your kids don’t understand why life can’t be fair and this is totally normal for their age and development.  But until they understand and maybe even after they understand, there will be days when they are upset and disappointed about something major.  As a parent you’ve been there and done that so cut them some slack on those days that they are a little whiny.
  8. During a divorce situation: A child’s life is being turned upside down when their parents are getting a divorce.  They wonder if they are somehow the cause of it.  All they can think about is how different things will be and how their life will never be the same again.  This is a lot to process for a child of any age so if they get a little whiny you should give them a break.
  9. At bedtime: Kids get whiny when they are tired.  This period of whininess should be short-lived since you are putting them to bed.  If they want a glass of water or they want you to rub their back, just go along with it.  What they are really wanting is a little more time with you.  Is that such a bad thing?
  10. When they are starving: Now, this should not be an everyday thing.  But you know as a parent that sometimes eating schedules get off because of errands or activities.  So if your child has gone too long without eating and they are whining about being hungry, just acknowledge that you are sure they are hungry and that you will get them something to eat as soon as possible.


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