10 Unnatural Ways Kids Use Their Own Spit

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Parents beware!  Do you have any idea what your child may be doing with their spit? The saliva in their mouths is such a convenient commodity and the imaginative minds of children have come up with all kinds of ways to make use of this natural fluid dispensary.

  1. Hair Gel – To style hair appropriately for school or church, simply lick fingers and comb. Spit was most likely the first and most ‘natural’ hair product to be used for self-styling, especially for the male gender.
  2. Self Esteem – The coolest kid is the one who can spit the biggest wad the farthest distance, everybody knows that. It is a true talent that has long been demonstrated in schoolyards everywhere.
  3. Bait – Tear off bread, spit, roll into a ball and attach to fishing hook. Spit has just the right amount of adhesive ability to hold that bread together; just plain old water doesn’t work near as well.
  4. Projectiles – Torture friends by spitting on anything and throwing it at them. Kids have no issues with their own spit, but the spit of others, of course, is known to be toxic.
  5. Wash – Soap and water?  No! Simply spit and rub (face, hands, feet) whatever Mom just said to “Wash.” Why waste time going all the way to the wash room and wasting water?
  6. Amazing Feats – Spit on spoon and apply to nose; it sticks!  Amazing! It’s that adhesive ability again. Spit has just that perfect consistency needed to perform these magical feats.
  7. Weather Gage – Dependent on locale. Spit on pole; apply tongue. If the tongue sticks, it’s very cold outside. If your spit flies back in your face, it is definitely a windy day.
  8. Expressing Feelings – An indication of disgust and superiority; spit in place of verbalizing still manages to get your feelings across in a very strong manner.
  9. Intimidate – Don’t like someone and want them to know it?  Spit on them! This has been a tactic used down through the ages and though limited to the immature, it isn’t only practiced by children.
  10. Healing Balm – Spit heals all wounds, sores, and cuts. The animal kingdom has always practiced this type of healing treatment for themselves. I guess it’s not surprising that kids do too.

Our saliva is an important part of the digestive process and that is its natural function, but, as usual, kids have learned to find other uses than the ‘natural’ one.

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