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People have painted their nails for thousands of years as a way to express themselves and to easily accessorize any outfit.  Like any other art form, trends with nail art come and go.  Thanks to new inventions and more accessible tools, nail art has become a hobby for many people.  Young girls and women alike enjoy expressing their personalities through manicures and pedicures.  These 15 blog posts will show you different trends as well as give you tips on how to create designs on your own nails.

French Manicure

A French manicure used to mean a stripe of white polish on the end of your nail while the rest of the nail was polished with a pale pink.  It mimicked healthy natural nails, but there was a lot of technique involved in getting the white stripe even and straight.  Over time, various tools have been invented that make it easier to do a French manicure at home.  As the French manicure has evolved, the traditional white tips have evolved as well, and now people use many color combinations to achieve a funky twist on this classic look.  These five blog entries will give examples of French manicures.

  1. French Manicure is Always In – A clear explanation of why and when the French manicure was invented can be found on this blog, as well as a brief tutorial of how to do one.
  2. Nail Art: The Sideways French Manicure – This post shows you how to create a sideways French manicure, complete with clear pictures.
  3. Nail Art- Fall on Trend – Find a fascinating French manicure made with a mix of matte and shiny black.  There are only pictures on this blog, no written how-to element.
  4. Nail Art Tutorial: Easy YSL Manicure + Tape Method – Clear pictures and directions are given on this blog post regarding how to create a French manicure.
  5. Nail Art French Manicure – If you need to see how the French manicure is done, this blogger has posted a video how-to.


Glitter is all the rage with nail art now.  Various colors of glitter are suspended in both clear and colored polishes, and you can use them to bling up what would otherwise be a plain base color.  These glittery nails can add a real “wow” factor to your nails.  Unlike some of the other nail art techniques, this one is fairly simple to do at home and allows you to still achieve a professional look to your nails.

  1. Gradient Glitter Nails in 4 Easy Steps – Step by step instructions on how to create a color changing nail with glitter added at the base.
  2. China Glaze Glitz Bitz ‘n Pieces Collection Swatches – This intriguing product is shown on several different base colors to give you an example of how different it can look.  Easy techniques with a wow finish.
  3. Glitter Block Nail Art with Selena Gomez Nicole by OPI Collection – Swatch and Review – There is no real how-to to speak of on this blog, but she does explain that she used tape to get her blocking correct so she that she was able to use three different glitter polishes on each nail.
  4. Black and Silver Glitter Placement Nail Art/ Review and Tutorial – This blogger shows you a new product and gives you a video tutorial on how to place the glitter pieces on your nail for a glittery look.
  5. Gel Mani: Florals x Glitter Accent with Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #99 – There is not really a step-by-step process here, but she does use pictures along with some explanation to help give you an idea of what she is doing.

Nail Ideas

These nails are truly miniature works of art.  If you have the time and a steady hand you can really express your personality through your nail polish. You will be amazed by what can be created on a fingernail when you check out these five blog posts.

  1. Funky, Quirky Nail Art Ideas – Several ideas are given on this blog, but it could stand a few more pictures so that the reader is able to visualize the steps as they read through the ideas.
  2. DIY Nail Ideas: Marchesa Nail Art and More of Our Weekend Manicures (Photos) – A bunch of pictures of manicures are shared on this blog, from nails that match your formal dress to Andy Warhol inspired nails.  There are not, however, very many how-to’s shared on this one.
  3. 6 New Holiday Nail-Art Ideas – Each idea on this post comes with a photo and a step-by-step tutorial on how the look was accomplished.  These looks could easily be translated into an everyday look, not just for the holidays.
  4. 10 DIY Manicure Ideas to Glam Up for Nails! – This blogger has compiled 10 videos showing beginner techniques.  Great one stop place to find numerous ideas.
  5. Happy Valentine’s Day Nail Art! – There are several techniques combined on this nail design post. The blogger uses a stamping plate for her intricate design.
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