18 Blogs Featuring Ways You Can Save on School Lunches

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Did you know that if your child eats a hot lunch served at school every day that you could be spending almost $500 per year on school lunches, depending on where you live in the country?  That’s a lot of money, and  it’s money you could be saving simply by sending your child to school with a home packed lunch. These 18 blog articles show how you can save money by buying in bulk, using reusable packaging and sending food that your kids will eat instead of toss away.

Buy in Bulk

For the price of buying individually packaged fruit cups you can usually buy a big can of fruit and divide it up yourself and get more servings.  The same goes for chips and crackers. Buying foods in bulk and dividing them up at home is a much  more cost-efficient way to send your kids to school with foods they love than buying prepackaged foods is. Check out these six blog entries for more money saving ideas.

Recycle and Reuse

While the up-front cost of buying reusable containers for your child’s lunch will be more expensive, it’s important to consider how much you would spend on convenience foods and baggies over the course of a year versus this one-time cost. In addition, buying reusable containers instead of throwing away plastic bags will help have a positive effect on the environment. These six blog posts show how recycling and reusing can be incorporated into your school lunch preparation.

Pack What They Like

It’s a sad, but common occurrence; kids often throw away more than half of their lunch in the United States.  Think of the cost of all of that food that is just being tossed.  Next time you are packing lunches include your kids in the packing and decision making process.  The point of sending a lunch is for your child to eat it, and the way to do this is to send stuff he likes. Check out these tips for fun lunches in these six blog articles.


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