18 Blogs Highlighting the Best Nail Art Designs for Fall

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Just like a ring or a necklace, nails can be an accessory to your look.  It doesn’t matter if you have real or artificial nails, how you decorate them says a lot about your personality.  You don’t have to be an artist to achieve fashionable nail art. As you practice you will improve, just like with anything else.  Take a look at these 18 blogs to find the latest nail art trends and designs.

Fall Trends

These nail trends are hot off the runway, and many were seen on models showing off the latest clothing collections.  Watch for neutrals, half-moon fingertips and textured nails to start showing up this fall.  These trends are simple to do and highly fashionable.  Take a look at these six blogs to see pictures of this fall’s color trends.


Whether you want to sport various Halloween inspired nails for the weeks leading up to Halloween or you just want a fancy nail to wear for a party, these six blogs will show you how to do it. One freaky fashion statement is the vampire bite nail art, which is a unique way to add to a costume or just freak out your friends.


Creating texture on your nails can be done with several methods.  You can use a top coat that contains glitter or a polish that contains sand or sugar for a grainy look, or create visual texture by layering patterns of one color on top of another.  To get a better idea of what the texture looks like, check out these six blog posts.

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