18 Blogs with Motivational Craft Projects to Do after You’ve Been Laid Off

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While you are working your 40+ hour a week job, it’s both likely and understandable if you don’t have enough time or energy to do the crafty things you may want to do. If you’ve been laid off, however, you probably have all the time in the world to pursue those crafty ventures, but maybe not the money or motivation.  The crafts found in these 18 blogs are inexpensive to create and often use items that you already have at home, plus they include motivational or inspirational quotes that may give you exactly the boost you need.  So why not combine your love of crafting with a much needed motivational lift? You might find that you’re feeling a little bit more hopeful and inspired after assembling these crafts.

Fabric Crafts

Handmade fabric crafts with motivational quotes have become quite popular in recent years and are easy to create on your own. You can make T-shirts with your favorite motivational quote on it if you need a constant reminder, or you can emblazon a pillow or bag with your favorite saying.  You can even create artwork for the walls and surround yourself with uplifting quotes that will give you the energy and determination to keep looking for that next big adventure.

  1. DIY: Inspirational Quote T-Shirt Stenciling is easy to do and this blogger has given you step-by-step instructions on how to cut out the letters of your quote to create your stencil.
  2. XKCD Quote Pillow You can screen print a picture with a quote or just the words onto some fabric, then cut it out and create a pillow by following the instructions in this post.  This one is quick and simple to do.
  3. Watermark Tee Tutorial by Sweet Verbana If you can write, you can create this watermark T-shirt.  Grab some Elmer’s blue gel glue and some RIT dye and you’re all set.
  4. DIY: Quotes on Canvas This craft would be a smart way to upcycle an old painting that you picked up at a flea market or garage sale.  No need to buy a new canvas unless you want to.
  5. Cut it out!!…Canvas Tutorial This variation on creating a quote on canvas is one that you can hang on your wall.  Surround yourself with beauty and motivational phrases and you’ll find the inspiration you need to go after a new job in no time.
  6. DIY Iron-On Tote Bag (With Free Printables) Have you ever wanted to create your own designs?  This project lets you be creative on the computer and print it off with special iron-on fabric using the same printer that you use for those resumes. This is an appropriate craft for a beginner.

Paper Crafts

Do you have friends who were laid off around the same time you were? If so, you might want to share some motivation with them to give them a boost as well.  Creating cards to send to your friends is not only inexpensive and simple to do, but they can really be motivating for your colleagues.  These six blog posts will show you how to use paper when creating motivational art.

  1. How to Make Your Own Inspirational Greeting Cards Find out how simple it is to create cards that you can send to friends and family.
  2. Inspired by Paper Crafts Cover This post contains a different card to inspire you to create cards for others or keep for yourself for your own inspiration.
  3. Tips: Quilling Typography Typography is the art of writing and quilling is the art of turning rolled up paper into interesting and unique designs.  This project allows you to marry the two, showing you how to create paper outlines of letters and then fill them with quilling rolls and scrolls to create a favorite quote.
  4. Mom of 6 Subway Art Prints Find print outs of subway art prints that you can download and frame as gifts or hang in your home in this post.
  5. {DIY Tutorial} Kinda Calligraphy This craft is perfect for your favorite motivational quote. Simply take the information from this tutorial, pair it with your favorite quote and create your own framed motivational piece.
  6. Watercolor Crayon Art This craft is simple, fast and easy to do, and all you need are crayons and water color paints.  How easy is that?

Unusual Crafts

You can find inspiration everywhere you go, especially in the following blogs.  These six blog posts will show you all of the other ways that you can create motivational quotes with different art or cooking projects.

  1. 11 Fortune Cookie Recipe and Quotes Get into the kitchen and make some fortune cookies that you know will give you just the inspiration you and your friends need to hear.
  2. Sweet Serenity Stones- Yes, Another Edible Rock Project! Learn how to make edible rocks and put the inspirational sayings on them that you see in the stores.
  3. Think Stones Take either store bought rocks or ones you’ve found and use a silver paint sharpie marker to write motivational messages on the stones.  Leave them around the house so you can find motivation all around you.
  4. Motivational Art {Tutorial} Using vinyl letters, you can take a piece of wood, paint it and rub on the lettering to say whatever quote you’d like.
  5. How to Create Rope Light Word Wall Art This project is kind of like creating your own neon sign to motivate you every time you see it.
  6. Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers with Cricut Expression This is a simple project where you can cut out whatever words motivate you and apply them to your walls for inspiration.  The vinyl is completely removable.
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