18 of the Best Blogs Suggesting Healthy Ways to Break or Create Habits

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Habits are something that you do without thinking.  People joke about being on auto-pilot, but that is not far from the truth.  The brain is constantly trying to become more efficient and in order to do that less conscious time can be spent on everyday activities.  Thus habits are formed.  What if you have formed bad habits that you want to break or you want to start a new good habit?  Check out these 18 blog articles to learn techniques that will help you break bad habits and create good ones.  Finally, read more about why habits form and what you can do to change the habits in your life.

Breaking Bad Habits

You’ve probably heard people talk about how hard it is to go, “Cold Turkey”.  This term means that you abruptly stop doing something, usually smoking.  The longer the habit has been formed the harder it will be to break it, but it is possible and these six blog posts will help you do it.

  • How to Break Bad Habits One of the tips in this article is to replace a bad habit with a good one.
  • Breaking Bad Habits of Children The most important first step is to bring the child’s attention to the habit and explain why it’s not a good idea, but don’t nag too much about it.
  • Breaking Bad Habits Read this in depth article about how bad habits start and how you can create a plan to help break your bad habits.
  • Getting Out of a Rut: Break Bad Habits Doing things unconsciously defines a habit, but if you make yourself be more aware of what is causing you to do those things, you may be able to break those habits.
  • Breaking Bad Habits This blogger talks about how he is going to break his smoking habit and how he is treating it like other bad habits he has been successful in breaking.
  • 3 Easy Steps to Breaking Bad Habits These steps from WebMD logically help you take the unconscious to the conscious to help you break your bad habits.

Creating Good Habits

Many times creating good habits will help you break old bad habits because your brain seems to have less trouble giving up one thing in place of another.  However, forming good habits is no picnic.  These six blog entries will explain how to go about creating good habits and even recommend some of the best habits to create.

The Story Behind Habits

Learn all about how and why habits are formed and the psychology behind why it’s so difficult to change either for the good or the bad.  Something as simple as closing the toilet seat before you leave the bathroom can be difficult to make into a habit, especially if you are not highly motivated.  Take a look at these six blog posts and more of the details will become clear.

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