24 Blogs Showcasing the Latest Hairstyles for Women

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Springtime doesn’t just mean spring cleaning your house; for many people the warmer weather also means an updated wardrobe and a trendy new haircut. People with longer hair are suddenly itching to cut inches off in favor of a fun, new shoulder-length style, and those with medium length hair find that they’re suddenly lusting after a short, pixie ‘do. No matter what length your hair currently is, you should be able to find something that you like in one of these 24 blog posts that showcase the latest hairstyles for women.


Short hair is all the rage these days, with everyone from celebrities to models sporting short, playful cuts.  While it’s unlikely that long hair will ever go out of style, more and more people are opting to trade in their long locks for something more manageable. Traditional pixie cuts have been around for decades, and now people are trying out even edgier styles that take the pixie cut to a whole new level. Take a look at these eight blog entries and see if anything sparks your interest.


Medium length cuts can range from just touching  the shoulders to falling just below them, making it the perfect length for people who are indecisive about keeping their hair long or cutting it short. The bob cut is a hallmark of the mid-length cut, and is a style that can be worn both shorter and longer. A medium-length cut is also a good, safe length for many celebrities who are a little older, but want to stay on trend.  If you’re feeling extra adventurous, these eight blogs don’t just showcase haircuts, they also show some of the new coloring trends too.


For many years, it’s been trendy to have very long, straight hair, but now more people are turning away from having pin-straight hair and opting for easy waves instead. While long hair is more limited in the styles that it can be cut in, you can experiment with adding in layers and changing the texture. To see what long styles are currently in style, take a look at these eight blog articles.

While you can find a trendy haircut at any length, it does seem like more people are getting away from the really long hair and going either medium or super short.  Which one of these trends do you think might be right for you?

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  1. Alison says:

    This is a great round-up of articles for that person looking to get a new style for the season! I myself like to grow it out for the summer so I can pull it up or let the seawater make it fun beachy waves!

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