27 Blogs Showcasing the Latest Fashions for the Well Dressed Guy

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Men’s fashion trends have experienced a shift in 2013.  Saggy pants and a focus on comfort over style, which has been the norm for men’s fashion for several years, are being replaced by tailored suits and a desire to look sharp. Fabrics that were once conservative are now bold and patterned, and men are getting braver in their fashion pursuits. As with all trends, some will remain on the runway and never really make it to mainstream fashion.  However, other runway trends are quickly making their way into stores. Pink shirts and bright colors are making a comeback from the 80’s, and suits in busy patterns are trending in both formal and office attire.  In casual attire you’ll find baggy cargo shorts and brightly patterned matching shirts and short outfits.  Colored socks and rolled up pant legs to show off the socks are also a new casual trend.  You’ll even see a lot of pattern in men’s swim trunks.  Take a look at these 27 blog entries to take a look at some of the trends for 2013.

Office Attire

Before you sport some of the more outrageous office trends, make sure that your outfit is acceptable at your office. The biggest trend in office wear right now is shifting back to wearing a suit and getting away from the casual Friday look. You should also learn the difference between being well-dressed and being stylish.  These nine blog posts will discuss some of the new trends for the season, as well as show you some pictures of these styles.

Formal Attire

Shiny fabric and bow ties seem to the biggest trend change in formal wear.  You may also see sleeveless double breasted suits, though this summer look does take a certain body type to pull off, so you may want to skip this trend if you don’t have great looking arms. Patterns and bright colors are making their way into formal wear as well, so don’t be surprised if you see plaid suits again.  Ascots are also making a comeback and may be seen in high end circles.  Take a look at these nine blog articles to see some of the other fashions that are trending for spring.

Casual Attire

Various shades of blue are trending this season, and there are many subtle ways you can be on trend without looking out of place.  Wear well-fitted shirts in bright colors that compliment your skin tone.  Boat shoes have made a comeback from the 80’s as well, and guys will be sporting those since there’s no need to wear socks.  Going sockless is still on trend for casual looks, while colorful socks are the trend for office attire.  Check out these nine blog articles and see if you can find bits and pieces of trends that you can incorporate into your look this spring and summer.

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