28 Blogs with Strategies for Cooking Once and Eating All Month

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It can be hard to come up with new and exciting dinner recipes week after week, and it’s not unusual to find yourself stuck in a dinner rut. However, if you cooked one time for the entire month, you’d never be stuck wondering what you’re going to make for dinner. When your schedule is so full that you don’t have time to whip up a new meal each night, the solution might be as simple as implementing once a month cooking. There’s quite a bit of planning and prepping to do, but once it’s done you are off the hook for a month. Take a look at these 28 blogs to learn about planning, containers, slow cooker tips and freezer-friendly recipes that will allow you to cook once and feed your family for the entire month.


The key to a successful day of cooking is thorough planning. Begin by looking at the food that you have on hand and start writing down menu ideas. If you aren’t sure if your family favorites are appropriate for freezing, try freezing a single portion and then defrost and reheat it to see how it turns out. Once you determine your recipes, write out both a grocery list and a task list. These seven blogs are packed with preparation tips that will help you figure out the steps you need to take to figure out how much food you need to buy.

Freezer Containers

When it comes to freezing food, having the right food containers is essential. Don’t rush out and buy all new containers, though. Disposable foil pans and zip top freezer bags are often the simplest way to store your meals. Check out these seven blogs to learn about different container options you can use for freezing your food.

Crock Pot Prep

You might be wondering why a Crock Pot section is included in an article about once a month freezer meals. However, the Crock Pot will come in handy on cooking day and will allow you to cook previously frozen meals as the month goes on. These seven blogs explain how to fix, package up and freeze meals for the Crock Pot.

Freezer Friendly Meals

If you are running short on meal ideas to include on cooking day, take a look at these seven blogs for some inspiration. These freezer recipes have been pre-tested and pre-approved, so you know they’ll work well for your own freezer cooking. You’ll find a variety of freezer-friendly options, from meals cooked fully ahead of time to those that are simply prepped beforehand and those that are assembled but not yet cooked. No matter what recipes you try, you’ll be glad that you have these meals on hand when dinner time rolls around and someone asks you “What’s for dinner?”

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