30 Blogs Featuring Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

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After answering the all-important question that dictates who you’ll spend the rest of your life with, the whirlwind of preparation and announcements will arrive, demanding your time and attention in a big way. Planning for your big day is exciting and romantic, but it can also be a stressful experience fraught with a thousand decisions that are both large and small. These 30 blogs offer ideas, hints and tips for wedding hairstyles, and include something for every bride-to-be. Whether your hair is short or long, these entries provide plenty of coiffure inspiration to insure that your hair looks as beautiful as the rest of you on your wedding day.

With a Veil

The bridal veil is a timeless accessory that is an iconic part of the traditional bridal ensemble. While some brides do opt to forgo the veil in favor of other hairpieces, flowers and adornments, these five bloggers offer inspiration for hairstyles that compliment a veil, rather than compete with it.


As techniques for extending the length of hair improve, more and more brides are turning to the seemingly-magical attentions of a specializing stylist to ensure that their locks are long, flowing and luxurious on their wedding day. These five blog entries are all about hair extensions, helping you to decide whether or not you think the process is a good fit for you on your wedding day.


Whether elaborate and fancy or simple and elegant, classic bridal hairstyles are often swept upwards off of the neck and shoulders in order to emphasize the neckline and silhouette of a wedding dress. These five blogs are a mere sampling of the many dedicated to photographs, how-tos and ideas for wedding-day updos.

Loose Hairstyles

While most brides do opt for an elaborate updo to give a more polished, formal look that shows off the lines of their dress and compliments a veil, laid-back brides may choose to greet their big day with loose, flowing locks that frame their face. These five blogs are filled with ideas for loose styles that are still formal and suitable for wedding-day attire.

Long Hair

The moment the question is popped, many brides start actively searching for a way to help their hair grow longer and stronger in the shortest amount of time possible. If you’re among those that feels long locks are compulsory for the wedding day, these five blog entries are filled with ideas that you may find interesting.

Short Hair

Short-haired girls get married too! There’s no reason why you can’t look just as breathtaking on your wedding day as any bride with long tresses, as proven by the jaw-dropping short styles in these five blog entries. If you’re not into the idea of growing your hair out and managing the awkward transition until your wedding day arrives, these styles may be just the ticket.

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