30 Blogs That Feature Bento Box Lunch Ideas

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Packing a lunch for your child is the most effective way of monitoring his diet and ensuring that all of his meals are nutritious, well-balanced, and great-tasting. The Japanese tradition of bento has become increasingly popular in Western culture, with many North Americans adopting – and adapting – this impressive and delicious art form. From the basics of bento to the most complicated kyaraben, these 30 blog entries can help you create bento box lunches for every member of your family.

Introduction to Bento Boxes

The first step to creating bento lunches for your children is to learn what bento is. These five entries offer a wide array of information and explanations for the bento beginner, and serve as a great introduction to the art of bento.

Traditional Bento

While most bento made by non-Japanese food artists tend to be a bit more lenient when it comes to ingredients, traditional bento boxes adhere to strict ratios and portion sizes. These five blog posts discuss those methods.

Tips, Hints, and Tricks

The online community is a great place to learn how to create the interesting shapes, learn time-saving shortcuts, and get ideas for new lunches. These five blog entries are all about offering beginners a crash course in bento creation, and even seasoned veterans may find a useful tip or two.

Tools and Instructions

Some aspects of bento creation can be accomplished with tools you already have in your kitchen or that you can easily pick up at any major retail outlet. Others, however, are a bit more difficult to find and are often packaged with instructions only in Japanese. For bento lovers that don’t read Japanese, here are a few of the more useful tools and instructions.

Kawaii Food Bento Boxes

When citizens of Japan (or gaijin appreciative of Japanese culture) use the term “kawaii,” they’re saying that something is “cute” or “lovely.” Kawaii bento techniques play a significant role in the Western “cute food” movement, and are what make the art form appealing to most Westerners. These five blogs are all about kawaii food, and are great sources of inspiration for more advanced creators.

Characters and Figures

Bento lunches can feature popular, recognizable characters or artistic figures, and are what most Westerners think of when bento is mentioned. While it’s not quite as most non-Japanese bento enthusiasts like to believe, it is one of the most fun aspects of bento style. These five blogs are dedicated to kyaraben and intricate food art.

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