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Searching for a nanny can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for first-time employers. Using the internet can make the process much easier or exponentially more difficult, depending on your approach.

Here is a quick listing of new nannies looking for jobs (updated hourly):

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Here are a few pointers for keeping your search simple and pain-free.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Online Classifieds – While it’s certainly a good idea to be cautious, it’s not necessary to eliminate online classified ads as a potential resource for finding a childcare provider. We’ve all heard horror stories about incompetent or criminal nannies that were found through a classifieds service, but those are generally rare. They can also be avoided by taking advantage of background checking services to weed out those with criminal history, carefully reviewing references and conducting thorough interviews.
  • Nanny Placement Agencies May Be Worth the Fee – Parents often balk at the idea of paying a nanny placement agency an additional fee; the nanny’s salary and benefits alone can be financial strain enough. However, working with a reputable agency will almost always result in a flood of qualified applicants who have been carefully screened and tested. This reassurance is often well worth the added expense.
  • Be Specific – When placing an ad or posting a profile on nanny boards or classified ads, it’s important to be as specific as safety allows. Sharing the full names and posting pictures of your children is not advised, but including as much pertinent information as you can will certainly save time. If you require a nanny that can speak more than one language, include that in your ad. Some nannies don’t work with infants, so that’s information you might want to include as well. Multiples or children with special needs should also be disclosed, to insure that only competent and qualified individuals apply.
  • Know What Your Needs Are – When an applicant meets your family for an interview, it’s a good idea to have all of your needs clearly mapped out before beginning a discussion. Having a ballpark idea of the amount of hours your nanny will be required to work, knowing whether you want a live-in or live-out care provider and if an employee will be expected to perform duties unrelated to childcare will all keep the conversation flowing smoothly.
  • Be Prepared to Pay Accordingly – A nanny with a  college degree in child development that can speak three languages and is willing to cook for the whole family will demand a much higher salary than a younger, inexperienced childcare provider. Typically, in-home workers that provide meals for the family, housekeeping services and other chores that aren’t related to the care of children are considered household managers; this title comes with increased pay and benefits as opposed to the traditional nanny role, which is solely dedicated to the younger members of the family.

In addition to the free local classifieds sites, there are also a number of online communities geared towards nannies and their employers. Some charge membership fees, while others provide free access; most are divided into regions in order to make it easier for families and nannies in the same area to connect. These services can be just as effective as traditional print ads, without the space constraints and printing fees.

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