It should come as no surprise that nannies love to laugh and enjoy life just as much as (perhaps more than) the average person. Granted, at we may have a warped sense of humor but we are working on straightening that out some. Honestly, we may or may not be successful but it is our ultimate goal that we provide nannies with some temporary escapes via humorous articles and stories that we collect from our own experiences as well as those which are submitted to us by other nannies.

We know that to be successful as a caregiver, it’s really important to not take yourself to seriously. It’s okay to be light hearted and somewhat silly as we open our inner child up on a regular basis to better relate with the kids under our charge. Just like any other profession, it’s important to enjoy your work and being able to laugh at yourself, your family, and the profession in general is totally natural.

Here are some of are most popular articles:

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