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For nannies that prefer not to work with placement agencies, the internet can be a great tool for finding leads and securing a post. The increased visibility and traffic of an online classifieds site or industry-related message board can help childcare providers find work more quickly and with considerably less hassle.

Here is a list of very recent nanny job listings from around the country:

NameCityStateJob Start Date
NannyMc KinneyTexas3/13/2017
CynthiaOld GreenwichConnecticut2/22/2017
Shawna AustinTexas3/15/2017
LyndsieApple ValleyCalifornia2/22/2017
AlisonIndian Head ParkIllinois2/22/2017
Amy BostonMassachusetts6/5/2017

If you’re looking for employment and considering the internet as a placement tool, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Some People Are Unrealistic – Any in-home childcare provider that’s ever searched for a new post on the internet will have at least one story about the family with eight kids that wanted to pay minimum wage or expected a nanny with a doctorate to work for peanuts. This is especially true of parents who have never hired a nanny before and haven’t taken the time to research the standard pay rate in their area. Being firm but polite is the only way to handle this situation, as a nanny’s most valuable asset is their reputation.
  • Know Your Limits – It can be tempting to challenge yourself with a position, but you absolutely must know your limits. Accepting a post with infant twins when you’ve never worked with babies or a child with special needs if you have no training will only lead to disappointment for you and your employers when you’re unable to fulfill your responsibilities. In the absence of a placement agency’s guidelines and placement rules, it’s easy to bite off a bit more than you can chew.
  • Know Your Needs – Before contacting a potential employer, carefully weigh their stated expectations against your own needs. If you’re looking for a part time, live-out position, don’t respond to an ad seeking a live-in nanny that has open availability unless you can adapt to that schedule. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re in need of work, but you’ll only find yourself back on the market if you accept a position that’s incompatible with your needs and lifestyle.
  • Be Cautious – Employment scams affect almost every industry in today’s world, and nannies are certainly no exception. Offers that include an abnormally high salary or employers that hire without a face-to-face interview should be considered fraudulent, and avoided. Never give your personal information to a prospective employer without meeting them; a background check can not be completed without a release form signed by the subject, so those who ask for your social security number or other personal data without completing an interview may be planning to use it for illegal purposes. Explaining that you’re uncomfortable disclosing that information until the interview process will almost always be sufficient for legitimate posters.

By taking steps to protect yourself from fraudulent postings and using reputable websites, you can make the job-searching process an easy and rewarding one. Though cautionary tales are rampant in the online community, most problems can be easily avoided by diligently upholding safety standards and using common-sense practices to secure employment.

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